Information on pre building inspection of the land

What’s a Agentary inspection? I have a client requesting an inspection of a property or land that has standing water on it and if it’s buildable .He says they told him he needs an “Agentary “ type inspection.Now I may spelling it wrong but I’ve never heard the term …Can someone help me to understand what type of inspection this would be and who performs these kind of inspections ? I’m guessing it about if the land will “perk test “for drainage but not sure ., Thank You for any help to direct this former client of mine

Is the land on the fema flood map? In my area that pretty much nixes any hopes of building.

No it’s a lot next to a home he purchased that’s just a little marshy …They told him he needs this Agentary inspection??

Never heard of that. I’d start with a soil engineer. Better yet call the county or city municipality and ask them what they require.

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A perk test would be required for a septic system.

Not familiar with that term. It could be a regional thing, but I suspect it’s to determine if it qualifies as a “Wetlands” or “Riparian” zone.

Unless you posess certain training and degrees, you aren’t qualified and should just refer them to your County Health or Environmental Department. They should already have had it categorized if there is a house next to it.

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Check with your state’s environmental department below:

PA Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waterways Engineering and Wetlands
PO Box 8460
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8460

Office Phone: 717-787-3411


Thank You guys for all the replies. I’m guessing they need an evaluation of the lot as to pre-construction.I’m asking the client for more information and more specific about what they are looking for…

You keep saying “they”…
Tell the client to ask whomever “they” are for a clear and precise course of action.


I’m sorry about referring to the Gated Community Or HOA Board members as “they “ but I wasn’t quite sure if it was them or the Township Municipality officers my client was referring to .Nevertheless it turns out they want an engineer to evaluate the situation and provide the proper coarse of action .However I was an excavator /pipe layer for many years.Not to mention I worked construction for 25 + years and did recommend the proper remedy for the situation,but part of the problem involves the neighbors property that my client cannot do anything about.So he was forced to go to the HOA or Cummunity Board members which of course “They “ want an engineer evaluation… But I do thank You guys and did provide my client with the phone number referenced…

Hello Robert -
I’m guessing that either your client, or you, are referring to “agentry” - as in “the proper agency” responsible or qualified to perform soil test (perc/compression, drainage, etc) to confirm the ground is suitable for construction. This would typically be performed by a geo-tech engineer, and approved by the local county/city inspector. At least - that’s how it rolls in my neck o’ the woods. :+1:

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They might be wanting an adjacency inspection of the nearby property. It’s really more of an observation and report of the drainage and water flow on the adjacent properties. They might be concerned that the drainage onto and through the adjacent property could have an impact onto your property. For example peak rainfall could cause the water to NOT flow through their property fast enough and thus cause backup onto your property, or cause water table to rise into your basement or foundation, etc. It’s informal but some property deeds have language that says you have to allow access to the property to observe (but not test) for many things as to how they might impact adjacent properties. I’ve seen that on old deeds on property that was in low areas.

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That sounds like what they may of meant .Because again it’s due to the fact that my client is unable to correct the situation because it involves his neighbors property. It’s a gated community in Pocono Pennsylvania and now the Cummunity officials are requesting an engineer to evaluate the situation… Thank You guys for responding…

Here’s a FEMA link, I put it in all reports with a pic of the map it generates. Some interesting stuff, try your address, you might be suprised…