Infra red cameras

I work on Vancouver Island bc where we have had a horrible history of face sealed stuccoo system failure since the late 80’s.
When work was 1st being done to do non invasive stucco testing the infra red camera was touted as the definitive choice. It quickly fell out of favour both with condo managers They had majority of problems & did not like the expense- commonmly $5000 for a 30 unit buiding- OK this is my original arttraction- it would quickly pay for the camera] & engineers inconsistent non definitive results] & is no longer used
Is there anyone who has invested in the hardware & used it successfully on stucco or other exterior products & who would recommend it not just as a cool tool to dazzle clients but as something that improves their inspection?

They work.

This house had stucco on the front only.

Wood sideing on the other 3 sides and due to the improper window installation and lack of kickout diverters it had water damage on all sides of the house.

they work means that they are always definitive- problem identified in picture turns out to be real or do you say indicates further evaluation

Problem identified in picture turns out to be a real good place to start. And narrows down the place where the pointe of intrusion is at.