InfraMation vs. IR/INFO?

It’s decision time again. Anybody have any recommendations as to which conference would be the best?

I would much rather attend InfraMation in Vegas for the simple fact of being able to drive down with another inspector vs. fly but I have to weigh out the cost vs. benefits.

I need level 1 training and IR/INFO is offering a Level 1 training voucher which is making this decision VERY hard.

Choices are:


Conference price : $1100
Food and Lodging: $500
Plane Ticket : $500
Level 1 discount : -$1600

Total Expenses : $600

Conference price : 1400 Lodging split 2 ways : 200
Gas split 2 ways : $ 100

Total expenses : $1700

Anybody have any input who’s been to either conference?

Alright, another question for you old timers…

I just signed up for InfraMation next month in Vegas.

What I’m trying to decide on is going ahead and booking the IR/INFO conference. I want level 1 and 2 completed by 2011. IR/INFO Expo costs $600 less than level I training so it seems like it makes more sense to get an Expo and Level 1 training out of attending the IR/Info Expo.

My main question is are all the level 1, II, and III’s the same. For instance, if you take level 1 from InfraSpection can you then take Level II from FLIR’s ITC or vice verse?

Are there 2 different Level 1-3 certifications offered by two different companies or do both companies teach Level 1-3 training classes and material in preparation for the same approved Level 1-3 certification test? Hopefully that makes sense to somebody?

Ideally I’d like to stick with the same company but I’ve got my sites on a FLIR wide-angle lens and I’m also looking into some FLIR software so I’ve gotta try and stay within a budget.

Thanks for any clarification!

FLIR, Infrarspection Institute and Snell all comply with ASNT training requirements for the certification of NDT personnel for Levels I,II, and III training. Snell just came out with a 2011 training schedule the other day. FLIR/ITC just added a few classes for 2011. All trainig providers cover the required subject matter. It’s the other training sessions such as Motor Circuit Analysis, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Electrical Inspections, Roofing Inspections, Building Science etc… that you gain addition knowledge with more specific training in those fields.

I took the IR/Info route for my level 1. It thought that it was a great value. They sent me the level 1 home course before the event started. I had time to complete the course and then take the test at the event. Being able to get your level 1 with the cost of the event was the real value for me.

The value of the event will depend on how far you want to go in the IR business. The event won’t have much value if you just plan on using IR for home inspections. The event that I attended went way beyond what we do as home inspectors. It was nice information to have but I would have been happier if the time was spent teaching me how to use IR as a home inspector.

I have never been to the one that you are going to attend in Vegas. I have a feeling that the only value for me at that one would be being in Vegas.

Just an FYI your subtraction is wrong the total cost for Orlando is $500.

Let me know how you like the event in Vegas.

Jumping through the levels it not what it’s all about.

You are expected to not only take the Level, but work in the field for a period of time and use what you were taught and add continuing ed before moving on. Whether anyone enforces this is another matter. But that is what’s “written”.

As a Level II you are expected by your client to have received an amount of education as well a work experience.

You learn more in the field than you do in class.

Linas, Greg, David,

Thanks for the info!

All very good stuff to know, especially about the option of getting the level I home course before the IR/INFO conference and to be able to test at the conference. I believe that sealed the deal on the IR/INFO Expo.

I can completely understand the waiting period between the levels as I believe there should be. I guess my plan is to go ahead and get level I through IR/INFO, attend as many classes as possible during both conferences, then get additional specialized training in what areas interest me the most. I’ll put the level II idea off for another year or so.


Did the InfraSpection Level 1 Home Course do a pretty good job of preparing you for the Level I test or do you advise additional training sources to prepare?
Is the level 1 test extremely in-depth and hard to pass?

Is it legal for you to tell me the test format such as is it multiple choice, true and false, discussion essays, etc…? Do you remember about how many questions and how many hours the test takes?

Yeah, I bet the conference being in Vegas is viewed as a benefit among many folks. If it was up to me I would rather it be in a cow field out in the middle of nowhere. I’m all about business and pleasure so Vegas probably wasn’t the best choice for me, hahaha. It will be nice going to both conferences so I can have something to compare them to. I’ll be sure to post my experiences from both.

Level I,II, and III training manuals are available from the Infraspection Institute to study prior to taking the course. Another good reference book is Common Sense Approach to Thermal Imaging.

If anyone is thinking about taking level 1 the place to go is Infraspection.I just came back and the content and the way it was presented by Jim Seffrin was unbelievable. Great course, great presenter and better yet great lunches with their own private cook.

Yeah, I wish I could go that option. Jim comes highly recommended around these parts. I’ll be getting my Level 1 Home Study material tomorrow then I’m testing at the IR/INFO conference.

I’m sure I would learn alot more from going to an actual level 1 class vs the distance learning but I had to make a sacrifice to be able to attend InfraMation and IR/INFO conferences.

I’m really hoping I can teach myself the information well enough to pass the test. I’m eagerly awaiting the material to see just how in-depth it is.

Congrats on getting your level 1!!!

Maybe we’ll me some of you in person at the InfraMation, Vegas event. we are looking forward to it.

that me in the previous post was to be “meet” and not “me”

I went to the InfraMation conference in Vegas it was Awsome as a whole, if you book before the end of November 2010 they have a fantastic deal going on.

If you book before the end of nov. the clinics are included, along with 5 nights of lodgeing. this year I went to two clinics at 200. each and paid for 3 nights @ 396.
check it out

I have taken level I, II and III with Infraspection, and attended IR/Info
Jim is an excellant instructor and speaker, I have also attended Snell building science course, Infraspection is the best.