Infrared Advertising Material

I just ordered a Fluke TiR from and would like to know if anyone has any infrared advertising verbiage that I could legally use on my website and materials once I receive the camera. Thanks!

Look at the websites of the inspectors in the thermal imaging section of the forum. Some of their web pages will give you some good ideas. Some of
the inspectors will even let you use some of their ideas.

Patrick if you don’t mind how much did Inspectoroutlet set you back on this camera?

You can look, but don’t copy anything from anyone else’s website.

First of all, it will kill your web site SEO.

Second, there are not that many of us out there and potential clients do not want to see the same old stuff over and over again. It becomes very obvious that someone is not doing their own work. Be creative and do something of your own that shows your qualifications.

You don’t want a scan taken from a Flir B660 on your website in your reports and have images from a TiR!

** Embed This Powerful Infrared Video Into Your Web Site**

Video Title: "Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography"
**(paste this html code into your page)

**<center><script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script></noscript></center>
**Looks like this >>>

Watch Our Video About Thermal Imaging](

You can use this slide show also…

Here are some ideas you can use…

Many inspectors here do not mind sharing with you.


After I paid the $60 for John’s course and completed the course, it was $3900, but I get next years membership renewed for free, so in effect it comes out to about $3600 in the end. Best deal I came across!

Thanks for the info, John. I enjoyed your class too. Very interesting and informative!

Next step, go for Level 1 training. You may want to look at the post from Jim Seffrin, good deal!

Thanks, John. Will definitely look into it!