Infrared camera inspection helps avoid catastrophe.

Looks interesting, now if we could get cameras for a resonable $

it wouls be a good investment!

I don’t have an extra 6-10K to aford one. But good all the same…


I just met an electrician that just retired from general Motors .
He has bought him self the same Camera he used at the Motors . $35,000:00.
He did my home for free, a learning for both of us .
He asking me questions about home inspections and me on his testing .
He found some places where I need to fix .
Surprising my home is far better then most and will have him do it again when I have fixed those spots .
I expect I will give him a free spot on my web site so he can get more business .
I was very impressed and the knowledge he has was fantastic.
Not many home inspectors could afford the training and Camera he has .
He is primary going after big industry.
I would recommend for any one to have it done on their home .
Roy Cooke.

I have been using a FLIR B cam ($7500) for about 5 months now. Yes it’s expensive, but what honestly is the cost of not having one? Now that the word is getting out that we have this technology available in our area, we are finding clients are contacting us only because we have this service ,and they want it. Surprisingly the largest client base demanding IR inspection service is single and divorced women with children. We assume it’s because of the safety margin that IR allows for us to inspect deeper into structure.

I find things to comment about in EVERY single home I inspect… 100%. I run a legitimate business, and this powerful tool is a business deduction, like my truck, and office equipment…ect. Recently I have gained a growing foot hold in light commercial and Asset Management Inspections; again, this tool pushes us up there into the realm of advertise-able and legitimate non-destructing inspections and testing. We offer water deluge testing coupled with IR analysis and moisture detection, to locate nearly impossible to find leaks, the ones that drive other batty in guessing at… we can find them.

Yep it’s expensive, but it’s the cost of offering the best to your clients, and that commands market share. Really, once you have it, you’ll never go back, and the price of the camera can be paid with 1 single inspection per month, (about $250) The best part of the whole thing is dropping an IR inspection report on the desk of an agent who can’t even spell infrared and laughing as they try to decipher the images. As we inspectors calmly discuss building physics and heat migration management issues found in the home with them and the client, the clients are very impressed, and the agents quake in fear, and know they are not even close to our league. This camera gives me more than a great inspection, it gives me personal satisfaction, and that gives me the ability to speak with confidence…

Check out the new SD Cam:

Why do these companies not give out prices .
Roy Cooke

they do. flir has a few websites. this one has a link to used cameras.

and this site is where you can buy or lease direct from flir

I’m still looking for an area HI to partner with on a cam. Any takers??