Infrared Certified Training Webinar

Infrared Certified Training Webinar

Next class is Dec 20-21

Hi John, I can’t wait to take your class; it will be more like the one on Jan 24, 25 for me. Do I read it right when I see that if I pay $400 for the course, it would cover me for 1 year of InterNachi membership priced at $500? I save $100 by paying you instead of paying $500 for the InterNachi membership and then take it for free?



Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on your question.

The free InterNACHI membership is for new people who are not members.
Members receive $100 off their renewal fee.

Email me for a $50 discount on our IR class… <> (limited time)

See web page for details of class…

Need an IR camera… contact me for the lowest prices in the USA. I cannot quote prices in public (the manufacturers do not allow it). I do not sell cameras but find hot deals for our students only.


I got your email David… thanks.