Infrared Detects Defective Thermal Seals During Utah Building Inspection

Infrared Detects Defective Thermal Seals During Utah Building Inspection


During the right conditions, defective thermal seals in windows can be easily identified with Infrared Technology.
Studies have shown that 20% of the windows coming from the factory are defective. It can sometimes take 6-weeks to 3 years for a home or building owner to see the physical signs of a defective thermal window seal. Often windows are installed with defects but by the time the defects are physically noticed, the warranty has expired and the owner is stuck paying the replacement costs.

An Infrared scan is one of the best ways to identify defective thermal seals in windows. Finding just one defective window that’s still under warranty will usually pay for the costs of the Infrared Inspection.

These defective thermal seals were found today during a building inspection in Ogden, Utah.





Nice catch.

Nice catch. Where did you get the 20% info? Got a link?

Hey Idapkus,

I gotta haul tail to another inspection but I’ll get those stats to you shortly. I learned of these stats during a United Infrared MoistureFindIR class taught by Scott Wood and Peter Hopkins.

We went to a window testing facility which was pretty neat. The facility we went to had all sorts of different testing applications to put the windows through. I had no idea just how much windows could bend without breaking. They would make a vacuum behind the window to suck them in and bend them.

They had windows in their testing facility from all over the US which were in litigation. I was quite surprised to realize the statistics on defective windows. Many come from the factory defective but many more become defective do to improper installation.