Infrared imaging can be fun, when you have time on your hands.

Looking for a laugh?

Check out this short video

I have seen a clients wife avoid my IR camera because they were not sure
if it had an x-ray function…:slight_smile: I was thinking about chasing her around the house
just for the fun of it.

and if she trips you will not look to great…

Be careful John, She’ll sit on ya…


There should be a law against that kind of picture :slight_smile:

For last weeks IR Building Science Applications course our instructor, Scott Wood, had that clip…said it was not what it appeared…note the offender’s left hand is not visible. Scott believed it was a can of something or other used.

He did have a clip of some real heat variable tooting that looked much lighter, however.:smiley:

Kinda like this?


Whatcha got there Will, a broken toe?

Geez David you have more than time on your hands:roll:

And, by the loosk of it, much more than time.

I am sorry, but you just put me off my feed for a week.

Thank you, every so little.