Infrared Inspection - Boiler - HVAC

Hello all…quick question

I am doing some building envelope scans for a local high school and they are looking to get an infrared inspection on thier boiler and HVAC system, roof top units, make up air units, fan coils for the school etc… The school is year 1959 and is about 40,000 square feet and has the one boiler.

Can someone advise on how long it would take for this inspection? And if there is any experience in the standard pricing I should include.



Don Quistion for you? have you not ask this Q. on other boards in the past ?



Sounds like you don’t know what the he!! you’re doing with that expensive piece of equipment. I recommend passing on the work to someone capable of doing the job.

What’s your last name, Don and where are you from?

Things are different in different areas.

What is your area’s “standard” pricing?

How long will it take you? What is your company profitable hourly rate? Take your time guess (add 20% for surprises) and multiply by your rate.

Seriously, this doesn’t sound like a cookie cutter project so you should avoid the walmart approach to pricing. Consider the benefits to your client when coming up with a price. Don’t just consider the time it will take you but also consider your effort to be knowledgeable as well.