Infrared Marketing Tip #3

BE PERSISTENT! I always give my clients multiple opportunities to buy my infrared services. I first introduce the technology when they are making the appointment. At the beginning of the inspection, for clarity, I review the services they have purchased. During the inspection, if I see a condition where Infrared may be able to provide additional important information, I offer the client another opportunity. Each time you approach the client you are giving them permission to change their mind - it is not a pressure technique because I always have a good reason to re-visit the service (first intro, review of services, and need based during inspection). What you don’t want is to have the client begin to think about the service for the first time when you find something. The professional method is to offer it upfront and this gives them some time to process the information so they don’t feel like they are making a reactive decision. You may also try to offer a limited scope reduced fee offer where you scan just that one condition for a reduced fee?

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