Infrared Marketing Tip

Make a Movie! Good marketing gets the message across quickly and with a lot of impact. Consumer will not spend the time to read long paragraphs about what the value of infrared can do for them. They want a simple motion video or narrated pictoral of less than 180 second (60 seconds it optimum).

You see the great power of infrared is that it is a visual technology. Consumers are already trained (via Television) to respond to visual motion based marketing. There are free or low cost software package that you can purchase to take your infrared photos and create an MPG or WMV or Quicktime file.

You can also place these videos in nested video players like Flow player. This type of player does not require the consumer to click anything.

You can visit my website for an example.

Thanks for the tip Steve. I will check it out. Do you have any software packages that you feel would be best?

Windows Movie Maker which comes installed with most windows installs is actually a decent free editor. I personally use Adobe Premiere but it can be expensive. has a list of free video editing programs (open source).

ditto on Dom’s comments

Flyers work very well, too!!

This is my new version, but I have been presenting a similar flyer to all of my clients at the beginning of every inspection for a while now. About 30% to 40% of the time, they add the Limited General ITI Scan to their Home Inspection.

Brings in additional revenue!!


Love the tip, Thanks Bro!

Nice flyer Kevin. Thanks for sharing.

For those that don’t want to limit themselves to “home” infrared inspections, branch out and offer commercial imaging services. I have had several large corporations inquire about my services and hire me, not for inspections but for research.

Next week I start a project with a co. called Kawneer. They manufacture building systems. They are developing new door products and want to compare their current product with the new product. Next week will be to image their current exterior door systems at their corporate facility.

How did I get this business? By my website, it’s the only marketing I do.

That’s awesome Brian. Definitely post some of your results (if they let you). It’s always cool to see new uses for IR cameras.