Infrared Thermal Imaging Message Board for NACHI Members

I’m considering creating an ITI message board just for NACHI members who want to share thoughts, ideas, marketing, inspection techniques, etc.

Before I do all the work, just want to see if this would be something that inspectors would be interested in. It would be a friendly place to share ITI stuff.


Sounds great. Go for it Kevin.



Thanks Nick, et al !

Now, thats results.


You don’t waste any time!! Thank You!


Probably not what you had in mind but this will serve our purposes. Thanks!!

Thanks, Nick!! The new thread will be a nice addition.

I’m creating a new message board for ITI technology. It will be a message board to share insight, comments and general questions about ITI. There will be a place to post case studies for inspectors to review and give feedback.

If you would like to register, awesome. If you don’t want to register, that’s ok too. I’m almost done…stay tuned.


Why not keep your new post on the Thermal Imaging forum that Nick just
created for you?

I notice very little traffic goes to new start-up inspector forums. :wink:

I of course agree with John and prefer that you keep it here for several reasons:

  • Chris has a little surprise coming in January. We bought the hottest new message board system out there. So many features, so fast! We’re test running it tomorrow.
  • I either can’t or won’t post on any other message board. You never see me ever posting on
  • Others (staff, our attorneys, vendors, non-members) monitor this message board and contribute when necessary.
  • Our traffic is borderline insane. Since the beginning of last year (when this current message board was launched we’ve gotten over 280,000 posts and over 26,460,000 views!.. in just 2 years! There is no sense in saying something useful if it isn’t being heard.
    *]And finally, 's business model (if you can call it that) is much like that of an amusement park (an amusement park for inspectors). It recognizes that no one comes to the park for just the online courses (hot dogs) or the video shows (fun house) or the message board (roller coasters) or the marketing tips, or the news, or the… etc… they come because it’s ALL here. 215,000 pages of interactive education, information, and entertainment.
    Hope that helps.

Hi John,

I appreciate your comments. I’m in no compitition with this BB nor do I want to be. I’m not looking to have a lot of traffic either.

Just a friendly place to learn from other inspectors about ITI.

Thats all.



You said “amusement park”.

I was thinking this morning how utterly bored to tears we would be if
we did not have all the toys to play with here. We have indeed become
spoiled…:slight_smile: And … with all the other stuff coming down the tube
and the free convention coming up, we will be ruined for life.

You will probably have to start serving starbucks coffee via email next.

Here is the new ITI Message board:


Sounds good to me a nice quite place to discuss Pics I mentioned this in another thread and had no responses. Would be nice to talk tech about IR and not have interference from MO.:wink:

Already registered Kevin!! My new handle is Infrared Mario:roll: IR-MARIO for short.

You did a good job!!