Infrared Training Coming To Dallas & Denver

Infrared Training coming to Dallas Texas (pending TREC approval).
Also coming to Denver Colorado shortly.


Nick made a good point at the meeting in Edmonton. Just because you are level 1 certified you can’t always diagnose a house IR image. With that being said when are you coming up to Canada or in the Northern States (West side)? I would be interested if you came here. I am willing to travel but 2-3 hours on the big bird is long enough.

Keep me posted

Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspection

If you get a group of 10 people to come to a class and pre-pay at the web site, then I will travel
anywhere in the USA or Canada. If you are the contact person that makes it happen then we can we
can work together to create a course in your area. Contact me if you need help getting things started.

Or… you can take the teleconference course from your home.