Infrared Video Capture

This might be old hat to the rest of you, but I’m curious whether anyone is doing anything with realtime digital video capture with their infrared cameras.

I’ve been experimenting with it and think that if properly done, it can be a great marketing tool. It would also be useful for documenting some types of inspections. For instance: here in the Houston area, we did a ton of storm damage inspections following hurricane Ike. On the occasions that I had the opportunity to meet with a client’s insurance adjuster, the adjuster really keyed off my guidance regarding areas that were wet, but did not show obvious signs. These areas wouldn’t have been included in the claim otherwise (I used both IR and moisture meters for this). A video might be a great thing to be able to give to those clients who won’t be seeing their adjusters for a while (some adjusters take several weeks to get to a site).

Here’s a short 1 minute video I captured with my camera. I need to figure out how to capture audio at the same time.

Have any of you been doing video caps? if so, how do you do it? Do you include audio? How do you use the videos?



How did you post the video on google?
Can you provide a step by step process?

The camera will not capture audio. I believe the newer T series capture audio notes but not streaming audio. One thing you can do is use a digital voice recorder and then thru software incorporate the audio into the video.

My camera FLIR EX320 doesn’t capture video either. I’m using an Archos 605 DVR connected to the camera output for the video capture which works pretty well. I think I need to rig some kind of lapel type mic for the audio. I need some sort of connector to get from the microphone output to a female RCA connector (actually 1 each for left and right channels) for the DVR. Checked my local Radio Shed store and they were no help.

Doing the voice over with software is probably the way to go for marketing or training type videos, but it’s too much extra work for something that you would be giving to a client as documentation



You probably need one of these: and one of these: .

Just follow the link that David Anderson posted (Thanks David) and follow the directions from there. That was the first video I posted and it was about a month ago. I was just trying to quickly get something up on my website to show what we could do for storm damage inspections

I can’t do a step by step at this point (I may be able to do it next time I post one). However, the steps to upload were pretty straight forward. The most time consuming thing was converting the original 4 min/44MB video to a format that I could trim down to about 1 min and upload.

Yep That’s it=D> I just need the version with the female RCA connectors, but I see they have that too.

Next time we’ll have audio with the video!!!


I’m sure you can get what you need at one of the 3 Fry’s stores there in Houston.