Infraspection course worthwhile?

Absolutely, but will not know that until you are ready to write the level III exam. Thats where it all comes together. Worth it. John

I did Level-I at ITC. When I was planning to take Level-II, I spoke with both ITC and Jim at Infraspection. I asked ITC if they would recognize my Level-II if I took it at Infraspection - they said yes, they would. Infraspection said that they would honor my Level-I credential from ITC when signing up for Level-II. I completed both Level-II and III at Infraspection.

In my case the answer was yes - but you need to ask, it’s not automatic.

I am joining the Infraspection online course today or tomorrow for the Level 1 cert. I cannot leave town for a class as I have draw inspections ongoing. I think online is good if you are able to learn that way. I can and do.

I have no camera and right now don’t know enough to make a good decision but hope that will resolve itself after the Level 1 class.

I know one thing right now, no way I am paying for a class and camera and giving free thermal. No way!

Go for it Paul!

Infraspection Conference

I just got off the phone with them and as I understand it if I sign up for the conference I can take the online course, attend the 4 day conference, take 5 free classes, take the exam and there is even a “Swamp Tour”!

If this is accurate a person could take the online class, attend the conference and get a level 1 cert if they pass the exam. Cost for conference is $1195

Add plane fare and hotel I could leave freezing Minnesota, drink up some mint juleps while eating at a restaurant and be about the same price as just taking the class.

I am telling my wife I will be gone for a few days in January.

Can you break that down Paul? Itemize. Thanks

Class is $1695, exam is $350 so total is $2045.00 if I do the online course. No Internachi discount for the Level 1

Conference deal

Conference $1195
Plane from Mpls round trip $350
Hotel 3 nights at Harrah’s is $400

$1945.00 plus meals and an alchohol allowance in case of emergency.

Close enough for me

Fixed it for you.

Thanks Ken, and the thought did cross my mind.

New Glarus huh, I think I’ve had a hundred or so bottle of New Glarus beers:cool:

I would discount my fees to do the thermography on the brewery.

Not if I get to to them first. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I completed a ITC Level I course in Houston Tx. I agree with Charley and others, ITC / the Instructor did not push the Flir cameras in class. We had several folks attending that had other Mfg. cameras and the instructor worked just as hard with those folks to understand their camera operation as they did with folks who had a Flir.

One item I didn’t mention is the ITC offered a 15% discount for Internachi membership.

That helps.

Thanks for that info

I’m pretty excited about getting a level 1 certification. I asked about a discount to Internachi members and there isn’t one but I am getting a certification for $1200.00 included with 3 days of classes over and above my online studies.

Its cold in Minnesota in January so paying for air travel and a hotel is not something I will fuss over. Hell of a deal in my opinion.

I did compare both schools and found nothing but good comments for ITC and Infraspect… Either one is a winner for me wanting a Level 1 certification.

But New Orleans in January, staying at a casino and of course Southern Belles all have a certain lure:mrgreen:

My wife and I did the conference in Orlando and New Orleans both were good gigs but I enjoyed New Orleans more and the weather was great;-) Jim puts on a great confrence

Happy for you.
As you expressed, both courses are winners.
At 1,200.00 that’s a winning number and Infraspection Institute is a recognized world leader…

In the meantime, while you are waiting, occupy yourself with these…

Great link. Thanks

Good suggestion Jeffrey, thanks…