Infraspection Introduces Master Thermographer Program

For over 30 years, thermographer credentials have been routinely referred to based upon an individual’s level of certification. Until now, it has been customary to issue one of three certification levels (I, II, or III) to students who have completed formal training classes dedicated to the use and application of thermal imagers. Because this practice does not consider an individual’s experience, it is impossible to determine a thermographer’s qualifications based solely upon such certification.

Responding to requests from thermographers and consumers alike, the Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer™ Program is a completely new approach to establishing thermographer qualifications. Unlike certifications that rely solely upon the completion of formal training classes, this program is based upon thermographer training, experience, and professional references.
Initial qualification is good for two years and must be renewed biannually.

Participants in the program will enjoy several exclusive benefits including permission to use the Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer™ seal on their websites, business cards, and company literature. They also qualify for a free listing in the Master Thermographer directory.

In addition to enhancing one’s professional image, membership in the program can help to improve website visibility in search engines such as Google.

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Master Thermographer™ Program
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