Infraspection Training

Hi guys, was just curious if any of you have completed training through infraspection institute and if so how you though the training was, I have heard many good things about their training programs but wanted to check with my fellow INACHI members first. Thanks in advance! :wink:

Dear Randy:

Thank you for your interest in Infraspection Institute training courses.

Several NACHI members have participated in our training programs. Members include Kevin Richardson, John Evans, and Greg Bell to name just a few. Each of these gentlemen have provided positive feedback on this messageboard in other threads.

Please feel free to call us directly if need further information and we will assist you in any way that we can.

We look forward to working with you!

Randy, I have only heard good things about Infraspection. I plan on going to them myself soon. My only advantage is that I live about 20mi. away in Medford, NJ. :cool:

I’ve never participated in an Infraspection training program, so I can not say much about them. I can vouch for Flir training. They have very informative IR instructors which lead me into participate in two IR courses (Building Science and Level I Thermography) with this firm.

They are the global leader in IR training.

Dear James:

We are actually much closer to you than you realize. Although our offices are in Burlington, NJ, we hold our open enrollment classes at the Enterprise Center in Mount Laurel, NJ.

I would like to point out that you can qualify for a FREE Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer training course if you attend our upcoming IR/INFO Conference this January in Orlando, FL. More information on our free training can be found at the Infraspection Institute website.

Please feel free to call us if we can help you in any way.

We look forward to working with you!


I have attended many training classes during my home inspection career. Infraspection provided the best overall training experience. Jim Seffrin is an excellent instructor and the facility is outstanding. Plan on gaining a few pounds from the amazing lunches provided the entire week! :slight_smile:

Our IR webinar is not a distance learning course, it is always live.
Hundreds are out in the field because of our IR training, plus
they got the lowest price on an IR camera in the USA and a
free InterNACHI renewal. Best deal, best training, best camera
pirce bar none. I do not sell cameras but provide access to the
best offers available.

The best IR training!
The best Instructors!
The best Experience!
The best Credentials!
The best Conference (IR/INFO)!
The best food (I really mean it)!

Simply the BEST!!


ps…wish I could make it to IR/INFO this year, but I will try next year.