Initial Phone questions to ask wind mit clients

Just wondering what kind of initial phone questions/comments everyone makes to clients who are requesting a wind mitigation report?

I definitely let them know to have documents prepared and ready regarding:
impact rated doors/windows/garage doors/roof (and the like).

how about you?

btw, I am not in a HVHZ

We don’t do them, too many $75 guys around… we do recommend a competent professional.

I ask where and when.

I often ask them to open the attic hatch the night before or worst case that morning. If in the garage I ask them to open that as well in the morning. This BESIDES making me more comfortable also keeps the camera equip from fogging. No one ever has said no but some have no way to do it. If asked why I simply tell them the above reasons.

Is your Realtor pretty?

What a ridiculous request to your clients. Tough it out big boy…

Been doing it for years and they all seem to get it. It is nice to NOT have my glasses fog up when I enter a hatch. Why suffer needlessly? If you were going into your own attic would you not air it out first?


My other half would say………" Suck it up, Sissy pants) !

I had a call a couple years ago from a realtor… “how much do you charge for a wind mit?” I said $150, she gasped and said “my guy charges $75, that’s way too much” I didn’t say it but I was thinking, so why are you calling me, looking for a $49 dollar inspection?? It just made no sense to me to loose a half a day on a $75 to $150 inspection when I could be doing a full inspection.

Pretty much all you need to know :smiley:

Pm sent

:lol: :wink: