"injustices taking place daily in real estate marketplace".......

…“Regarding insecure home inspectors (don’t ***** at me I didn’t write this lol), and their foundation repair contractor FRIENDS!” Got that? Uh huh.

Two foundation repair contractors recommended by the home inspector, two estimates…
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If ya like, find 'n read his article “Bulges in basement walls” , not the other kind of bulges you freaks!
In-part he writes, “The basement floor slab is critical to the performance of the foundation wall (of course, so how come the inside drainage system terds j-hammer it out, mistake! And then they most often put back 2-3”, not 4" which is minimum code)… "because the floor provides crucial lateral support along the bottom of the wall!

Incompetent inside system morons, dang skippy.

He adds, " Whenever backfill soil is placed against a basement wall, it exerts lateral pressure against the wall.
The amount of lateral pressure exerted by backfill is based on the TYPE of backfill. Heavy clays and silty clay soils exert large lateral pressures, whereas clean sands and gravels exert fairly small lateral pressures. Another problem with clay backfill materials is they tend to impede the flow of surface water down to footing drain, hence the backfill of choice is sand or gravel. Unfortunately, most builders backfill the basement with the original soil that was excavated…"

Here’s a BULGE for ya, no you freaks not that kind of bulge, bowed in foundation wall, multiple exterior cracks in wall, as usual… and THEY are why the basement leaks and has some mold, efflorescence on inside of wall… helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo!
Has NOTHING to do with the supposed-moronic-incompetent sales-pitch of a need for drainage, a need for drain tiles, a need for a basement drainage system and sump pump, WRONG!!!

Wanna see a 17 year old young lady play the skins to a good old r https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJiiGXFaqvY)