Inpsections according to Queen

I’m sitting here listing to Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” album. The song playing right now is “One Vision”. Look up the lyrics.

When and IF you do listen to the album, here’s what I’m going to put out for you guys. One verse in the first song hits me more than any (though every verse from every song is relevant): “No wrong, no right. I’m gonna tell you there’s no black and no white.”

What that says to me is that you aren’t wrong when you tell people how good you are or what you can do for them. Inspecting isn’t about being “right”. Yes, TECHNICALLY it is. But, what inspecting is about is allowing people to make their own decisions based on your knowledge. It’s about TRUST. Thus, “no black, no white”…just TRUST. Even if you’re wrong, someone is trusting you. You inspect to the best of your ability (which I hope you tender and improve), then they decide. Be the best, but remember that it’s a journey.

The next song on the album is “It’s a kind of magic”. My favorite verse here is: “This place that burns inside of me, I’m here in secret harmony.” Lordy…how many of you started your businesses with the INTENT on doing something great only to realize that it’s just a “job”. STOP IT. What you guys do IS GREAT! It’s IMPORTANT. Even if your clients treat you like a necessary evil, then your “secret harmony” is knowing that you probably saved someone a lot money and maybe you even saved a life.

The next song, “One Year of Love”, starts with, “Just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone.” Oh man…just one year of doing what’s in your heart as a home inspector…free of the chains from your last job…that’s amazing. Think about the positive changes that you can make for your clients. DO NOT think about the fact that they don’t “praise” you…because (believe it or not) they actually do. When you least think about it, your clients are laying in bed and thanking God for you. Clients aren’t always expressive enough to tell you this, and the “daily grind” often gets in the way. But…as one of the other versus says, “All I can do is just surrender”. Eventually, somewhere, sometime… at a moment when neither you or client expect it, YOUR praises will be sung to their neighbors, to their co-worker, to their friends. You are not forgotten. Trust me.

Then there’s, “Who Wants To Live Forever”. This is one of the most gripping songs for anyone who fears losing anything. “Who wants to live forever”…it is repeated throughout the song. When you are pounding the pavement and struggling through your business hoping to God that you can put food on the table, don’t forget that you aren’t alone because another verse in the song asks, “Who dares to live forever?” Do YOU dare? What or whom is stopping you? Can you do it? Will you do it? Do you have the PASSION to build your business? One of the last versus is, “WE CAN HAVE FOREVER”. It’s a choice. If you want it, then friggen take it. It’s yours. After all, “Who lives forever anyway?” as a closing verse says.

“Here we are ~ born to be kings ~ we’re the princes of the universe! Here we belong ~ fighting to survive in a war with darkest power!” That’s “Prince of the Universe”. You guys ARE “kings”…even if just in your “realm” (aka, service areas). God didn’t create crap. You ARE the “rulers of your world” as the song says. One of the most powerful verses in this song is, “I am immortal! I have inside me blood of kings! Yeah! I have no rival! No man can be equal!” You guys need to go out every day in the cold, the rain, the heat, the snow…whatever…and conquer whatever it is that you fear. JUST DO IT.

I’ll stop here with the hope that each and ever inspector who reads this pauses for a moment and realizes that he or she is a warrior…a savior…a prince of their realm…someone who has no reason to apologize to anyone for any reason.

Nobody wants to live forever. Everyone wants to be prince of the universe. But, reality says that all we have is what we do. Do it well…better than the next guy. Live this life with passion, and do your inspections with a type of fervor that radiates the goodness of who you are and what you have to offer.

Most people…families…don’t have an advocate. YOU can be that advocate. You can be their hero.

I thank each and every one of you who challenged the gauntlet and proudly stand before your sons, your daughters, your spouses, and your families as a BUSINESS OWNER…a PRINCE OF THE UNIVERSE.

You aren’t alone…not even in the slightest.

Robert, and here I thought the last one was the theme for Highlander, not home inspectors…

LOL ~ yup. A Kind of Magic is, in fact, the Highlander soundtrack.

“There can be only one!”