Has anyone heard of Pillar to Post Home Inspections?

Franchise inspection company.

Yes, not a fan. I almost bought a franchise but there fees were really high. That was 3-4 years ago. They charge a royalty and 25 per inspection for thier binder.

Yes they have some inspectors here in Ontario as well.

Yes. Why, are you looking to join them?

I received a letter this year from the local Pillar to Post, whom is a multi-inspection firm here in my area, wanting to hire me.

So they can take your business that you have created, and push you out later.

International Franchise… US and Canada…

I was considering hiring on with one of them down here but they were rather screwy about the money, offered one percentage then lowered it and then backed off of that as well. That was when I was just starting out.

I’m three years into it now and do my own work and “overflow” work for a multi-inspector co. as well. They give me 60% of the job.