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We work with maybe 10-12 different Ins. Agents here in SW Florida. Seems every one has a different interpretation of the 1802, mainly two areas.
I have one that will never request a WM for a home newer than 2001 but yet they do request the opening portion only of the 1802 quite often. I have others that often request full WM’s on anything 2001 to current.
The other is like what Mark Tyson hit on with if the structure built in compliance with the Florida Building Code, # 2, a. Are they still assuming 2001 and newer? There were sure codes in place prior to 2001.
No matter the skill level, I think I could see one house reported 10 different ways by 10 different Inspectors and all accepted by 10 different Ins. Agents with no re-inspections.

And that is the problem. The agents, inspectors and underwriters are all working off of different playbooks.

It might be a good idea to have the legislature introduce legislation that requires the insurance industry (the people that review or work) to have the same wind mitigation training that professional inspectors are required to have.

Two things need to be done:

  1. The form needs to be designed so that only items that you get credit for appear on the form.
  2. Anyone who looks at these forms must have completed a course on the forms.

Those are excellent suggestions but all the egg heads involved will never happen. But that would sure get everybody on the same page if we had one uniform playbook…

I agree.
Make it so.

I think I could get the form down to 2 pages. Page one would combine the inspector information and disclaimer with the homeowners information, the the questions would be:

  1. Year built with permit application date
  2. Type of roof: Hip or other
  3. Year of installation
  4. 8D nailing pattern Yes/No
    Roof to wall connection (only the ones you receive credit for).
  5. SWR Yes/no
  6. Glazed opening protection
  7. Non-glazed doors
  8. Garage door (non-glazed)

No tables or any unneeded verbiage. As everyone would be required to take a course, everyone should know the difference between a clip, single wrap, etc…Also, there should be a “cheat sheet” for everyone like a quick start guide.

I could have a workable form done in less than a day…but hey…it might interfere with my running!

Where have I heard this before? And I totally agree BTW…


As I suspected…Again!
A rough draft is attached.


I deleted the wrong text for the roof decking attachment, it should be the verbiage for check box C.
Again a rough draft done in 10 minutes.

I’m forwarding this to the OIR, you may get a call to interview for “Form Design Director”. It’s a new position opening up this year…:mrgreen:


Caution, standardization with perfect forms understood by all will accelerate and further promote erosion in pricing… Just saying.

You have been saying that for years…and I have been raising my prices when you have been saying it.
Isn’t it about time for you to retire? :smiley:

Continuing on about a revised form, it is my belief that the form, when it comes from the OiR or whoever, should be fully executable. Sorry for you guys who make a few bucks designing executable forms.
Next to those types of protection would be drop-down boxes with the choices that receive credit.

If I really wanted to get fancy, I would have pictures between each question for “attributes”.

The agents don’t need a full mit on built to SFBC or FBC codes, stated this many times here but again, if built to SFBC or FBC and that question is answered yes, the discount form blanks out the roof date, roof deck, roof wall and grants 1 overall credit to recognize the strength of the FBC/SFBC. To get SWR/Hip/Opening protection, they would need a mit. The agents probably, if smart, hit the year built as in compliance and then just get the opening protection verification done to get the opening protection of the data entry in the software. Nobody is working with different playbooks, the mitigation credit tables from the OIR are available for download and interpretation if one is so inclined.

That is the part where the problems come in. I talked with an agent, probably a bright girl, who had no idea,none, of what she was looking at. Fortunately, it wasn’t my wm she was looking at. It seems that the problems are coming in with the lower priced inspections. Wonder why?

I don’t know why you say fortunately, odds are the girl would have no clue if she was holding an excellent report or one filled with inaccuracies.

It was a report with a bunch of missing information.
I thought it could have been mine because she called me. Turns out, she got my name from this message board.
She sent me the pictures and I helped her piece the report together and got the missing information for her.

I am starting to have underwriters asking for a copy of my wind mit certification, 3 in the last week alone. Is anyone else having this happen.

I have heard tell of an underwriter out there that wants the certification with every inspection - The agent that brought this to my attention was going to upload it with the wind mit ever time.

The certificate from Bill York is the first thing on the picture page.

I have always included a copy of my license and the certification on the last page.