Inserting Comment from Global List

I must have 1500 comments in my “Global List” but I can’t add a comment into the text box directly from the global list.

Please tell me I’m doing something wrong. Any help greatly appreciated (but that’s about it).

It must first go to your local list. Open the component you want, then open the comment you want to add the global comment to, hit the “add t” (template) button then insert your global comment. It will then be selectable at the local level.

You can add directly from the global list but you then would need to go to the local list and go up to Global and get the comment and “ok” the comment back down to the local. So I like Scott’s suggestion to start at the inspection item you want then go to the auto comment window, then click the add icon that will take you to global. Then from the global, click the add icon there and you can create a comment and “ok” the comment back down to the local.

Note: If you have a lot of comments in the “Uncategorized” list, you can “drag” the comment from there to the category folder it belongs in.

Part 6 of this link demonstrates