Inside the HIP


While in Denver last week Nick and I talked about a weekly TV show similar to HBO’s Inside the NFL except we called it “Inside the Home Inspection Profession” where inspectors would sit around and discuss the weekly topics of the industry.

After the last few days, I now know the first topic on the agenda, is an open discussion with Jeff Hoopy, as you call him, James B, Joe F, to mention a few, a few body guards, etc. Of course showers will be provided as are needed after a few rounds.

Seriously, I really think this would be a great show!


My God…

If the general public sees how we rip into each other, they
may never hire a home inspector again.

This will be like watching those day time slap, scream and
yell talk shows with all the studio boucers trying to keep
any homicides from happening…

If we need any tattooed hillbillies with nipple rings that are married to their sister…I don’t know any.

…hosted by Jerry Springer?

No, someone worse… moi.

No - that sounds like Springer!:smiley:

What a great show it would be, as long as no one cross dresses!!

Counts out Joe Farsetta then.

It must only be underclothes. He looked perfectly normal at the Certified Well Sampler training he conducted…though he did have some difficulty with those pumps…:wink:

Just fix your hair.

I’ll come on and let people take belly shots. :wink:

Oh…that’s right. I meant pot shots. :wink: Sorry. :smiley:

Could be a neat thing…a weekly industry update type show…also possibly an Inspectors NEWS section with anchor Deeana Willis dressed up all nice and giving us the latest NACHI news…

Sounds good to me…:slight_smile:

Have him tell the story of the old woman and the crawlspace.