insight please

Hi guys, I am brand new to the Home inspection business and let me tell you here in South Dakota that State Exam was brutal I studied hard for 6 months to pass it. I am getting everything ready to go out on my own and feel pretty confident but I just wanted to ask for some pointers? I cant really call any HI around here because I am afraid they will reject my questions because I will be taking business from them. Do I need E &O insurance? can I use the canisters for radon? how big of a ladder do I need? just looking for some friendly advise. thank you!!

You should want E&O in my opinion and protect yourself from a possible mishap add general liability to that while you’re at it. I carry a 1 mil policy, you don’t probably that much but carry something. can’t help you with the radon question. I carry 2 little giants, 13 ft and 17 ft.

Hope this helps.

Hey thanks Mike I appreciate the help. Seems like once you pass the test and are getting ready you are kinda in the dark moving forward. I really just want to be as prepared as I can