Inspect a light fixture

Will an extension ladder reach this chandelier

You’d need a tall stepladder, not extension.

Do you think a 14 ft step ladder will work? The ceiling is said to be about close 19 ft

It should, yes, typical reach of 14 foot step ladder is ~18 (+4ft) feet because it includes your height (unless you’re extremely short, but then you won’t be able to lift this ladder by yourself).

I appreciate your timely response 1 last question do you think it’ll work If it is 20ft ceiling to take down chandelier

Depends how tall you are. If you’re 6’, you prob can get to it, but if it’s 20’ high you’re pushing it with 14footer

I wouldn’t even try…Nope!

Ok thanks might have to go with scaffolding

What is the matter with it?

Why are you going to inspect it?..

How does this pertain to anything a home inspector does?

I would use a scaffold like a multi-section Baker scaffold.

Because he used the word “inspect”! :joy: :wink:

I assume it’s over a stairway with a ceiling height of approx 18ft. To reach the globe, your best bet may be a 22ft Little Giant ladder which you can set over the stairs. If you need to reach the ceiling attachment, either a Baker scaffold (may be difficult if stairs are in the way) or hire someone with equipment and experience.

There’s a water leak but it’s being taken care of thanks for all of the responses