Inspect a Winery

Here in my town there are two wineries for sale. Any input on how I can market myself as a winery inspector? Do I treat it like a commercial inspection?

Depends on what the client wants. Will you be inspecting equipments as well, or just buildings? Is it just a winery or a winery located on a private residence with a home to inspect as well? Caretakers building? Sampling room? Storage caves? On a well for testing?

Make sure you inspect the Chardonnay. It can have issues. :wink:

Somewhat the same maybe…but I would sub out to qualified contractors that specialize in the field and then write a report that gives a general idea of the property and its components.

A little off the subject but I know the area your in a little. Have you looked into trying to make nice with some of the agents that tend to do more of those type listings? Also places like Pine Mountain Lake would be a good area to try. I know there are agents that work that place more than others.

Yes, I did an apple orchard the other day. Second one I have done. 8 buildings and 568 photos. Commercial for sure. I think it is important to be fair and flexible with your pricing. You always want repeat and word of mouth business.

Use the Scope of Work document in You and your client should define what the client wants/needs.

Also, 4.3 seems to be appropriate here.

They have private residents with tasting rooms and cellars no caves