Inspect Coalition

The Inspector Coalition met at A&M. They are working on whether it would be worth while to work as a coalition. What do you think?

There is strength in numbers. The division of Inspectors in Texas with all the different orginizations, weakens the voice of the Home Inspector Industry. If we are to ever really affect the laws of our industry we must unite.

Rodney Livermore TREC#7996

It appears that InterNACHI can’t get in.

Were in.

**This official release will be provided by all four associations. **
[FONT=&quot]“Representatives of ASHI Lone Star Chapter, InterNACHI Texas Chapter, TAREI and TPREIA, in a series of meetings since late March, are working to establish a cooperative framework for discussing issues, taking positions and recommending action on important matters of concern to the real estate inspection industry in Texas. To be called the Texas Inspectors Trade Association Council (TITAC), the Council will be a voluntary forum to encourage the four largest trade associations in Texas to coordinate recommendations and actions on matters of regulatory concern to the industry. Additional official information will be forthcoming as these efforts progress.”[/FONT]
TPREIA Members should understand that this Council [FONT=&quot]does not involve any type of merger with other Inspector Association. The reasoning behind this action is to allow ALL Texas Licensed Inspectors, regardless of their Trade Association affiliation or lack of it, a voice in the inspection industry. I encourage all Texas INACHI Inspectors to send your comments to [/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] or post reply’s here.
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