Inspect Now Software

Has anybody got the new version of Inspect Now. I have the first version that doesnt work. I switched to a different software but I like some of the things about inspect now. I dont want to spend $399 for the new version with out knowing if it works. They dont have a trial like most other software companies do. Let me know.

If the first version didn’t work why would you want to try again?

I know nothing about this software, but absent a trial, I wouldn’t spend my $$$ on that either.

Try Home Inspector Pro.

It works well (easy to use), and if for some odd reason it wouldn’t, I’m sure it would be fixed quicker than you can say, “Dominic HELP!”

Oh yeah, and there’s this…


Just out of curiosity are running Vista?

The first version was done by Jeff Knight and Borialis. It was designed around using a hand held unit. It never worked right but there are some features that I liked. It had code check built right in to it, which is one of the things I liked most.
I have been reading alot about HIP, I even downloaded it the other night. I have a call into them right now. I need a new web site also and I think that they do a pretty good job. Im going to be checking HIP out this weekend. I use Inspector FX at this time. I was a beta member but they want to charge $400 a year in maintenace fees. If you dont pay then you dont get any updates. This is why Im looking at either the new Inspect Now or HIP.

Go with HIP, I’m sure they’ll will respond quickly. They’re on the west coast.

Thanks, Rick. I checked out your web site. It looks like they built yours. I hope it was an easy process.
I use to have one I was proud of but ITA stopped thier web service and directed everbody over to Marker Hardware. I hate my site and even though I need to update it with new items I dont want to give them anymore money.

Oh, yeah - VERY easy.

Do the free trial - you won’t regret it.

With HIP you build your own site and if you need help there are tuturoials and Dominic.
You can change or add content at anytime with out any fees.
Basically your site is yours to do with what and when you want for a small monthly hosting fee. And Dominic’s SEO will get your site up to the top in short order.

Do you have to be online to work on your web site or can I download the format and work on it anywhere and anytime I can?

You have to be online to update it, but you can always develop your pages off line and paste them when you’re on.

Thanks, that’s what I wanted to hear. I use a motion tablet and I always have it with me. There are times when I have time between inspections where I dont have service but can still get on my computer and with the holidays coming up I think there will be time to develop a new site and get it up by 2009.

If you need help with HIP , ask any of the Hippies or go on the MB at Dominics site.

Just to be clear, by “develop your pages” I mean type your text into a word processing program.

You really don’t need to worry about HTML or coding or style sheets or anything like that. There are 20 something themes to choose from, that you can change in 3 seconds. I was changing themes nearly daily at one point to see which one I liked.

It really is so easy a neanderthal could do it. (couldn’t say caveman, right?;-))

Agree, Bob? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are inferring I am but a primitive Caveman,you gotta make up your mind to drop Tecno Bob.

Not sure I sould answer as you are quoting yourself quite nicely.

Remember one can talk to them selves as long as they don’t answer.

Back to subject,much of it is WYSIWYG and you can very much do your layouts off line and load when you have time on line.

There is a small learning curve ,but if a primitive Caveman can do it so can you.

Plus we have the MB which is always being updated,and Rick here whom is willing to help once he gets done talking to himself:)

He seems to know a little ,as he is running for website of the year.

Thanks for your help guys, I just got off the phone with Dominic. I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, no you’re Techno Bob.

I wasn’t refering to you as a caveman, although looking at it again, i could see how you could infer that.

You could actually be caveman Techno Bob, though…

“<grunt> <grunt> Me have new phone <grunt> <snarl>” :mrgreen:

Matt, it was nice talking to you. I look forward to working with you as a HIP software and website user :mrgreen:

Welcome to our commune, Matt.

Guess you are now a real Hippie.

Thank you, I have learned alot on this site. You chicago boys are alright!
I have met Will at one of our meetings last year. Maybe I’ll get some of My Indiana chapter boys together and come to a chicago meeting. We do service some of the same clients. When people from chicago want to relax they come over to Indiana and southern Michigan and buy weekend homes, I get alot of my business from them.

You haven’t gotten our bill, yet. :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a Senate seat available? :mrgreen: