Inspectcheck software

I just passed the national exam and am preparing to apply for my license in Kentucky. I am looking at reporting software and am curious about Inspectcheck . If anyone uses it, please let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations for a new guy just starting out. Obviously I don’t want the higher cost programs until I can get established. Thanks!

What cert is that. Didnt jniw there was a national one didnt look into thiugh. Kniw no national standarss requirements and fimir ny state ca nost stringent in us. Evertrhing including cknsstruction there is no requirements. Wild wild west. Should see some of the bs.
A Like used sewer scope inspection to detect find leak in new construction for lead underground sewer pipe. Hasnt been used since 7i8 about same time lead paint last used
_smile:a find under slab sewer on new construction
B- detect underground sewer leack by camera scope. Not its purpose and sorry to inform you cant be done. Dont know what youve been told but cant be done. Sorry. Onlu way is hard old fashion way. Just as at time of construction. Water balloon test let sit 10 minutes.
Told anything different you been lied to. Look it up for yourself there are still some reputal people outvthere.
It can locate and tell you where an obstruction is but leak no.
Its purpose is fotr trenchless repair to check sleeve insulation and ensure water flow. No puddling to deteriate sleeve quicker.

I sure hope you don’t write your reports like this!!
Nobody had any idea what the heck you are saying!

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So, nobody uses Inspectcheck reporting software?

I’ve never heard of it, and their web site seems to indicate it isn’t for standard home inspection:

Move-In/Out Inspections
Due Diligence Inspections
Capital Needs Assessment and Asset Tracking
Pre-REAC and UPCS Inspections
InspectCheck is designed specifically with the needs of the multifamily industry in-mind with robust reporting capabilities, customizable inspection checklists, support for conventional AND affordable housing, and support for Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones.

Never heard of them!

Ok, thanks