Inspected House Built In 1847

Inspected A House Today, Built In 1847.
The other day I met a man and his father fought in the civil war… wow. :shock:
His father was in his 70’s when he was born, and he was 79.

What is the oldest house you have ever inspected?


General Wayne Inn, Merion Station, PA

Check your math John…an 8 year old Civil War soldier?

I inspected a 6 month old igloo today here in the Great White North… by next week with this heat it may be gone.

House looks nice from the picture, better than a lot of newer ones. Shows if built right and you take care of it, it can last. Oldest one I inspected is the one I live in, 1893. It passed inspection too :wink:

Daddy was approx. 75
Add sons age… 79
I met him 4 years ago.

Total = 158 years.

Civil war ended in 1865 which was 142 years ago.
His daddy was approx. 16 years old at the end of the
civil war. Boys as young as 10 years old fought in
that bloody war. :frowning:

Wow… that was old.

A 160 y.o. house with A/C …cool :mrgreen: .



OK, that makes sense after your “the other day” got clarified to “I met him 4 years ago”. You’d think I’d have better things to be doing wouldn’t you? :smiley: I do and I will. Oh, and my oldest inspection so far was 1905 bungalow in central Austin. Best regards…mb

Very likely a Drummer boy.

wow what a cool old house! I lived in a 1910 home before the one I live in now. Old homes are so cool.

Now that’s what I call a long pregnancy! :shock:

Until I can get my business completely formed and steady work, I’m the Cheif Engineer at a hotel that resides in a building built in 1856.


John, I have inspected my house several times over the years and have dated it back to 1840 through county records.

The original owner though died in the late 1700s and left the property to his son but no confirmation on weather a house was here at that time, might have been just the land, anyway, they are buried in the cemetery that connects to my field. Nice thing about living here is that any land owner living on this ridge is entitled a free plot in the cemetery.

Kind of nice knowing the next move wont be to far away.

It’s good to be ready. The next move is not far from any one of us. :wink:

My Final Move has already been Visualized, Conceptualized, Inspected, Approved and Paid for.

That task was kind of a morbid thought at the time of purchase but now satisfying to know that it is taken care of…