Inspectfaster SCAM


I have recently found online a so called computer programmer who has developed a home inspection program.

the home inspection report program does NOT do what the website says it will do. The man can NOT be reached, he request that YOU contact him by email for technical support.

After you download the program, pay for it, then mail him for the technical support you will need (because the program does not do what the website claims) he does not contact you again, he takes your money and that is it.

I am looking into legal actions i can take against him.

BE AWARE------


Robert ‘Chad’ West- CMI

Robert I have written about him as have many others multiple times.
Why are you not using Home Inspector Pro?

The guy steals comments from other developers as has be reported here over the last several years and lies to clients from my personal experience with him.

Martin has been scamming people for years. Any CMI would have told you that. Which report software did you use before you got ripped off?

Until someone creates a software package for home inspection reports that guarantees accuracy and unbias … they are the same - a place to record your observations and provide them to your client.

It’s all simply a matter of personal preference. Nothing more.

Shopping for the cheapest software package is much like shopping for the cheapest home inspector. They are both worth exactly what you paid for them and it is unfair to expect either to perform at the level of their higher priced competitors.

When you tried the package out before buying, what did it do then, that it doesn’t do now?

So your advice is to over pay to get better results making you totally wrong and off base as 1,000’s of HIP users will testify as Dom is not out to rip anyone off.

You are not talking from experience or have you tried all of them as I would love you to create a review in that case.
You can be Roger Ebert.

Personally, I would rather not advertise that I used a program to inspectfaster or inspectcheaper or inspectstupider. These guys that have developed the really good programs deserve the recognition they recieve from the pros in the field using them. There are going to be posers out there ready to rip off the consumer in every field. The honest guys are available, offer free trials and aren’t expensive compared to what the work was that went into to develope the programs. Why buy a pig in a poke?

So the most expensive is the best and the cheapest is the worst?

Martin Hewitt came here and offered free programs to anyone that took the trial and wrote a review.
When his software locked up my computer he said it really was not made for windows PC’s then rescinded his free offer.

That is when Dominic stepped in and gave me great working software.

You talkin to me? Nothing I said would imply that. What I am saying is that service after the sale is priceless. People deserve to be compensated for good work and ussually I have found that if it has value you have to pay for it.

I never said he was.

I also don’t think that the $195 home inspector is necessarily “out to rip anyone off”, either.

So you are comparing a reasonable priced software that is actually the best performing at any price to a cheap inspector?:shock:

Apples and Oranges.

I’d rather not banter with you in your promotion efforts for any one particular software package.

Like I said…all of them are equally as good, or as bad, as the inspector who inputs the data. In that regard, they are all the same. It is simply a matter of personal preference and what one is most comfortable with.

There ya go.:mrgreen:

Now when it comes to pushing agendas I kiss your feet and call you master.