Inspecting a Bed & Breakfast

Just a question to the members looking for ideas I have a chance to inspect a Bed and breakfast for a potential client. Along with tha main house comes some cabins. Never done something like this so trying to figure out how to charge for something like this. Any thoughts would be welcome.
Paul Madore

I would charge the same as any building, by the foot, what ever your market will bear.

I have never stayed at one, but you would think they should be in decent shape or they would probably be out of business.

Now if the place is vacant, I might be picking a different tune, price wise.

I think first of all that may be considered a commercial type inspection, and you may want to contact your insurance company to make sure you are covered. You may also want to submit a proposal ahead of time to drive home whats included and excluded.

Does each cabin have its own kitchen and so forth. I think charging by overall square footage would be shortchanging the HI. Lots of bathrooms and other plumbing plus separated heating and panels etc. More than just a big home with lots of bedroom without those. If the place is separeted cabins vs a large home with bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms I think it would be more involved and there should be charged higher. I’ve stay in a few in both forms but no in the US.

Well lets see:

If I inspect a bed and breakfast , I would describe it as:

A piece of furniture with (or without) legs that supports a mattress and boxed spring device to comfortably support one or three humans for sleeping. Current comfort level to be determined by user…:D:D

A meal to break the 8 hour fast from dinner to the point of waking up (usually in the morning) and can consist of ones personal choice of nutrients possibly consisting of eggs, toast (meat of choice or not), cereal with milk (choice of fat level) and fruit. Coffee, juice type left up to consumer of this breakfast…:D:D

Sorry could not resist …:D:D:D…:mrgreen: