Inspecting a crawlspace

I am taking the Advanced Inspection of a Crawlspace course for my State Certification I am at the Inspection and writing portion of the course but I do not have or know of anyone in Florida that has a crawlspace. So I have no way of submitting a picture or inspecting and writing an essay about this topic. Is there another suitable topic I can use that will cover this course?

I don’t know, James. Some FL people will be along to help you or you can email to and ask them.

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This may help. I recorded a recent crawlspace with many defects, some easily seen others not so much. Take a watch, let me know if this helps, good luck.


They may allow you to find a suitable image off the internet and use that instead. You will have to ask though.

Scott thanks for the video but I don’t have an issue with doing the inspection of a crawl space, I am still in the certification process and don’t have a crawlspace to take a photo of. I reread the inspection criteria and it said I could do an inspection of a on slab floor, I have that where I live so I did my photo and essay on that.
Thanks again

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