Inspecting a Heat Pump System in 2 Minutes

Inspecting a Heat Pump System in 2 Minutes


Thanks, always looking for quicker ways.

Sorry, not impressed.
With the unit shown in the video the mfg. date is printed right on the data plate shown.
No need in this case to look it up.

It’s inspecting a heat pump Lite.
Very Lite.

If you’re going to use it I would change the name at least.
“Basic inspection points for heat pumps” might be better.

That’s exactly what we went over in the class, Thomas. But most manufacturers do not provide that easy label information.

You saw the word “excerpt” throughout the video? It’s an heavily edited 2-minute excerpt of a much larger 60-minute live class. The video recording of which is available at

My point is why put out a video called, “Inspecting a Heat Pump System in 2 Minutes” if it’s just an excerpt?

I just think the title is misleading.

Sorry about that. Register for the next live class at (It’ll be about a 2-hour class).

It is miss leading if I even conceived the idea of inspecting a HP in two minutes I would fire myself. HP are time consuming if you have two split system HP its like inspecting 6 standard split systems concerning time:shock: