"Inspecting Chinese Drywall"

Yes it was.

There was no American drywall that was corrosive. There were allegations that some was, and a lawsuit. It got thrown out for lack of a scintilla of proof that the American drywall was corrosive. All of the affected houses had well water with very high levels of sulfur.

Ouch! :mrgreen:

The Consumer CPSC would disagree with you…but I think you should continue doing exactly what you are doing now.

No, they wouldn’t. I inspected the ground zero house in the CPSC study as an expert in the lawsuit regarding that house. We proved what the cause was, and it wasn’t drywall.

Their experts (CPSC) that did the original study are aware of the results. I sat in a meeting with them after the inspections.

If you have credible evidence that any American drywall is corrosive, please post it for us all to see.

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I was already fully informed of this…and warned not to debate this with you. Not because you are right, but the people who were really involved told me you lack the ability to accept truth even when it slaps you in the face.

Like arguing with a brick wall even when presented with irrefutable proof”…

Hence, I think you should continue doing EXACTLY what you are doing now.

I think the major difference between you and Mark Cramer is that Mark gets paid for his opinion. Carry on Bob windmills await. :roll:

Where is the proof?

That’s like the old Wendys commercial…

“Where’s the beef”…haha

Sorry John, this might be one of those times where you have to find the answer yourself…

I love when people make claims but will not provide the evidence. It happens to be from both sides in this case. I guess it isn’t in the code book, since you can not copy and paste it.

Nope…not in the code book.

I had actually never seen the information in writing before. Google it. It’s right before your eyes. I found the report with no problem

What report would that be?

This is what I found:


Like I have said, I think you should continue doing exactly what you are doing now.

It is not my job, nor has it ever been, to convince you of something or teach you how to read.

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You guys must be taking lessons from Nick. You find the one sentence that supports your claim and you forget to read the rest of the story

Have a nice day… did you lose a bet over foreign drywall? :roll: