inspecting churches

any tips on inspecting old churches?

are these always considered commercial properties?

special concerns?

What ever you do, don’t cheat on these kinds of inspections…lol


How in the *ell did you get a church inspection???

What kind of church? How big is it?

I’ve done one. A church sanctuary with a large Sunday School building and several detatched buildings and a parsonage. It took me two days. I was a new inspector then with lots of time on my hand and treated it as a learning experience.

Might want to refer the 3 phase electrical, if they have it. For me, I inspected it and didn’t see a need to refer or disclaim it. Other that that, it’s not much different than anything else. If its old, there may be a boiler or asbestos and other things you rarely see.

The hard part is what to charge. It was a struggling church. I considered it an offering to the Lord and only charged fuel costs (it was a 2 hour trip for me each day). They paid a little more, however. But God blessed me in that the Pastor’s wife was a real estate agent and she is very loyal to me with her referrals.

approx 8500 sq ft

commercial kitchen and regular kitchen

claims to have a “newer” boiler.

central air in 2005.

price is 225k

parsonage home can be purchased with it.

that may be included on this inspection.

i’ll post a pic shortly

I have not inspected a church but had a church hire me to inspect a house.

any thoughts on whether this would be considered commercial?

there are quite a few missing or loose slate tiles.

225k is not a huge price tag in general…granted, they are buying a church.

i’m wondering what my price tag should be???


Looks like this could easily become a commericial inspection.
Have you asked the client what there plans are for this church?

A “Church” would be considered a commerical facility.

Would suggest a roofer be brought in that is familiar with slate roofs and steeples. There often is structal problems in the steeples of older churches.

Check for bats in the ol belfry.

Gerry Beaumont could give you some insight and suggestions.

Have fun


if i recall, the time i drove by, I saw:

2 meters
2 mast heads…both with 3 conductors each

am i correct that this would indicate 2 separate 120/240 single phase services?

Might be a good time to set up a
RR type “Tech Inspection” Especially for that roof. Cool looking building!
I would think commercial for sure.

What goes around, comes around I say.


And if you run into a problem during the inspection, smile don’t cuss!

And remember the commandment…Thou shalt not kill the deal.

Pray? :margarit:

I would call it commercial. Churches are businesses. If we taxed them like we should, we could pay off America’s $6 trillion debt on April 16.

That’s the biggest load of ***** I have ever heard.:frowning:

I might agree with you if I didn’t see so many BMW 5’s and 7’s parked in the church minister reserved parking spaces. I’ve even gone by their houses (remember, I have access to public records through Realist) to see what kind of house they owned. Uh-huh. I really love the ministers who owns one real nice multimillion dollar house and 10 condominiums down in Fashion Valley. Uh-huh. Those good ol’ church tithes don’t do as much work “for the Lord” as many are led to believe. Something’s wrong here in America. :frowning:


thanks for everyone’s help

On this we can agree Russel. And I will not defend the shyster examples you present. But even if we taxed all churches do yo useriously think it would pay off the national debt in one year. Do the math if you please.

6,000,000,000,000 / 300,000 = 20 million per church.

(numbers are appx.)