Inspecting Home In the mountains, 7000ft

Ive got a request to do an inspection for a home in the mountains.
Anything structually different I should be looking for. Do they have to
build with 2 by 6’s ? To allow for more insulation ? Please help.



That all depends on the local jurisdiction. You might call the authorities in that municipality or county having jurisdiction, and ask them a few pointed questions…also some info on when certain things were required. You don’t want to call out too harshly something that was acceptable when the home was built. Good luck!


Take lots of pics to share. At 7000’ elevation, the view ought to be great.

I’m always concerned with the Foundation and any other support type conditions. I do a complete and thorough H/I, but I always give extra time to the foundation of the structure.


My home is at 8645…I regularly hunt over 10k…:wink:

I hunted sheep above treeline last year…

Sorry I can’t contribute anymore than that…I regularly inspect homes over 7k…I don’t know of any differences you should be looking for…other than your own regional issues…whatever they may or may not be.

Have fun, bring oxygen :slight_smile:

I agree to look more closely at the structure as mountain areas often have special wind and snow regions with higher loads. Usually local building codes have maps to identify these regions.

It’s more likely to have private well water supply and on-site septic disposal systems which have their own issues.

Also look for good insulation on any plumbing pipes in unfinished areas (mountain homes are usually more exposed to wind and colder). And keep an eye out for signs of burst plumbing pipes from the more likely occurrence of running out of heating fuel in remote areas.

JMO off the top of my head … :wink:

Check the flashing light on the roof works…to warn planes.

Tony, what is treeline height in your area? I know in the Sierras (western escarpment) it is like someone takes a chalk line and nothing grows above it. When I was last climbing the Great Northern Divide at Sawtooth peak (11,600) we had been out of the trees for quite a while. I think Timber Gap was right around 10,200 or close to that. I sure miss those days.

And now for my cheap shot of the day. Based on your homes elevation and your picture, I would say the “hairline” is about 8651. Sorry. :mrgreen:


And based on your pic there’s been a sprinkling of snow in the highlands. :wink: :smiley:

Thanks everybody


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