Inspecting Mountain Retreats

It is advised that you pack your tool kit with some extras if you end up here inspecting in the bush. Bear spray, “pepper spray” and a whistle for around your neck in case you encounter a grizzly bear and need to call for help. There are two types of common bears up here and it’s fairly easy to determine what’s in your area. If you discover bear dung that is dark in color and contains berry’s and small pieces of fur like from small rodents then that’s probably a black bear. You can identify Grizzly dung quite easy because it usually smells like pepper spray and my contain the odd whistle. Have fun out there folks :slight_smile:

I live with a black bear. Fairly harmless. Friendly even. We’ve been within a few feet of each other on numerous occasions, but never close enough to touch. We’re not scared of each other, but we respect each others space.

But a grizzly? That’s a whole different animal… a monster. They shouldn’t even share the word “bear.” They’re nothing like each other. A grizzly will try to kill you for no reason and will stalk you for days to do it… It is a monster, a real monster.

Kinda sounds like humans… :frowning:

Yep. I’ve put out the word: first hunter to shoot my bear… dies (although pay phones are becoming few are far between, might have to use a pre-paid cell). It’s bad enough that our scumbag police kill our elk here in Boulder:

Anyway, back to grizzlies. If you ever plan on hiking into grizzly territory, you should first file down the front sight on your gun, flush with the barrel.

And yet the U.S. government in all their infinite wisdom have planted more that 10 Grizzlies less than 30 miles from my back door!!! When we go into the brush there is always a S&W 44 mag mountain gun on my hip.

Make sure you file down the front sight on your S&W if you are in grizzly country.

I used to hunt bear but gave it up…

Got to cold!!!

At the range you would be at when confronting a Griz in the thick timber around here sights don’t come into play.

Yep. With a grizzly, the gun might not even come into play… they are absolute monsters.

The idiot tree hugger section of the country has stopped almost all of our timber sales. The USFS is afraid to even touch the forest so we have years of heavy alder brush and understory choking the crap out of the forest. When you get into that stuff sight lines are short as are reaction times.

This year I am more worried about fire than bears. Really dry here already.

I have a personal strategy that causes me to grind down my front sight before entering grizzly territory.

Here is why I do it. My thinking is that when the grizzly takes my gun off of me and shoves it up my @$s… it won’t hurt as much without a front sight. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, might as well out a condom on it as well…never too old to be safe ya know!

Sorry I missed the lead in to your punch line Nick. I admit I was wondering why the hell would you do that?

It was just a joke guy’s:cool: We just welcomed two new pandas to Toronto for five years then they are going to Calgary for five years love bears and all struggling Home Inspectors have fun, it’s important

Seems Alberta is having an illegal immigration problem maybe we should build a big fence?

The best way to inspect in Grizzly territory is to take a poodle along with you. You throw the poodle at the bear and run. Just make sure that the poodle can’t outrun you.

Poodle are pretty fast, tossing a weiner dog might be better