Inspecting Natural gas furnace in during the summer season

My next home inspection includes a natural gas furnace. Given the time of year how much of an inspection can you perform on this type of heating system, operationally speaking? Were expecting temps close to 100 degrees over the next couple of days. Just want to provide the client with as much information as possible. Thanks…

During warn months I do the furnace inspection last after the AC has been on for the rest of the inspection.

I check the filter and make sure teh unit cycles up in heat mode and the blower comes on.

I also take a pic of the flame if possible.

Make sure to turn the thermostat back down when you are done and return to the way you found it.

And yes I have forgotten that step a time or two :wink:

I run the heat first and then start my inspection of the HVAC. I look at all the supplies quickly to make sure there is heat to each room. I run back down to the furnace and check the flame pattern for any deviance and check all connections with my sniffer plus a downstairs supply to make sure there is no crack in the exchanger. I have found on occasion that doing it this way allows me to keep the house cool for the rest of the inspection as I can leave the air conditioning on for the rest of the inspection.
That being said we only run 90 degrees F for a short time in the summer.

Turn the puppy on and test it if one can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The furnace discharges 120+ air do you suppose 80 or 85 degree return air is going to hurt the heat exchanger:p:D