Inspecting same house within 2 months for different client & realtor

Any comments concerning ethics of inspection same home within 2 months of original. Different customer and realtor

Do your normal fine inspection and smile all the way to the bank, Donald…and be blessed. :smile:


Thanks for the input — that is the current plan.

See this link and make sure to get a new agreement

@lkage I really enjoy reading your posts. They are always very informative. Thanks

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You are quite welcome, Jim. I was helped along when I first got into home inspections and I try to do the same for others on this forum and by mentoring, (I think I have 5 just now.) other inspectors across the US and Canada.

In fact, the inspector that I sold my business to has 2 other inspectors working for him and an office person and is doing 30+ inspections a week now.

It feels good to pay it forward. :smile:

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