Inspecting Spray Foam Roofing Details

One of the most over looked details when it comes to spray foam roofing is call a V groove detail. A V groove is where the SPF system terminates to the gravel stop edge. It is installed by removing the spray foam from the lip of the gravel stop typically using a razor knife and then a 45 is cut to create a V. The V is filled using a urethane or silicone calking (Pending the UV coating system installed over the foam). The reason this is needed is to create an expansion joint between the metal and the foam. If not installed correctly, the metal expands and contracts through out the day. The foam is an insulation there for dose not. This will cause a split over time in the system. When installing a V grove it is important that all of the foam is removed from the lip’s edge. I would like to hear and see photos form inspectors that are currently inspecting Spray Foam system. For more infomation on spray foam, spray foam equipment and spray foam rigs, contact SprayWorks Equipment Group.

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