“Inspecting Stucco During Home Inspections” Webinar with Jeff Adams

“Inspecting Stucco During Home Inspections” Webinar with Jeff Adams

Apr 14, 2021
9am CDT


This class will introduce attendees to inspections and installation guidelines to use during a home inspection. Attendees will learn about what is included, when to do this type of an inspection and what to look for while performing a Stucco inspection. We will discuss stucco issues deficiencies and how to report them in the inspection report. TREC CE approval #39758

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I Tried to sign up for the webinar, but it errors out.
It also doesn’t show up on the Nachi training calendar

Was this event canceled?

Forwarding to Moranda to check and assist.


The event isn’t cancelled, please try again and email moranda@internachi.org if you’re still having issues.

I see a “register” button. Screenshot.

It was giving me an error after clicking register.
but it worked today


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I think our Software Dev Team must have been on it. Sometimes it’s just a temporary glitch. Thanks for letting us know though. It’s better to contact staff using email, for the future. :wink: We’re all on www.nachi.org/contact and www.nachi.org/staff.