Inspecting the Gutters of a Warehouse with the Drone

Testing the InterNACHI drone for inspecting the roof and gutters of a warehouse:

Training videos with the drone are coming soon…

Hmmm… that really can be a useful “tool”.

I love my drone :slight_smile:


Nice Ben. Now let’s see a clear still shot of the gutters taken from the video.

If I was a client paying for a gutter inspection I would ask for my money back, not in focus and to far away to tell anything;-)

Not sure what is wrong with your computer Charley. In the limited 3 1/2 seconds the actual gutters were on screen, they were in focus and clear. But that is why I asked for the still photo that would be taken from the video and used in the report, to see if there is any degradation to clarity.

Here is a screen capture from my laptop and it should not be near the quality of a photo derived from the drone camera software.

You can get really clear still shots from this drone. The manufacturer is releasing a 4K version soon and that is ever better for our industry for safety reasons (you can zoom in without risk of the drone getting to close to anything). Inspector Outlet has a distributorship for them when they become available.

Very nice.

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is already out. 4K Ultra Hi-Def video. Complete on Amazon for $1259.00.

What brand and price point will Inspector Outlet be at?

I don’t know. IO doesn’t carry the cheapest unless it is also the best for inspectors. I know they’ve been testing a variety of drones. Some they like, some they don’t. Part of the purpose of IO is to try to figure out what is best for our members.

Which drone is that in the video? It looks like a DJI Inspire, which is already 4k resolution.

Looks like a Blade 350 brand

Well if they have a distributorship then they must have a brand. Is it DJI?

It did not meet Charley standards for clarity I hope to purchase a Drone when I turn 80 I suspect my legs will be a little stiff for ladder climbing by that time:mrgreen::smiley:

I don’t know. I don’t think they’d want to reveal until they offer them. I want Mark to create one more release for members to use as well.

You are creating a bunch of whimps with these drones. Real men still inspect residential and commercial from on the roof;-) My son is following my foot steps:D This is a July morning and the grass is still green without sprinklers

What about the FAA not allowing commercial use of drones?

Tough to enforce since they have nobody to do the enforcement.

They are having a hard enough time trying to protect the firefighting aircraft that are flying at the same altitude as the drones. They had to stop aerial drops for 20 minutes the other day due to the number of private drones flying in the area. Idiots… :roll: