Inspecting the Gutters of a Warehouse with the Drone

I use the drone ,camera pole, and yes i do get on roofs too. Had a inspector fall off a roof last week here in Knoxville , He screwed up his shoulder so be careful out there

Ben , there is a Drone coming out with built in radar to keep it away from objects 2 feet . Likely out now . Keep us posted on the drone your using , and camera . and how much.
Can not wait for the course .

You better get some insurance for that thing or better yet a parachute,
My pole camera takes great shots even if it sways way up there, and I know that i will be taking it home with me.

Rick Hiddemen
Delaware Property Inspection
Wilmington DE 19808

You also did not see the cricket on that chimney with your pole camera;-):stuck_out_tongue: