Inspecting the Laundry Hot & Cold Cut-offs...Need advice

What is the correct way to Inspect the laundry hot & cold cut-offs?
Is it only visual? or should we open and close the the cut-offs?

If its only visual…what is some good supporting verbiage to go along
on every report.


I need some feed back…is it only a visual on the laundry cut-offs?

Laundry Equipment

  • Noted as present but not inspected or physically tested. Recommend reference to AOS Contract with regard to inclusion of appliances.
  • Recommend obtaining information from Homeowner with regard to age and condition of all appliances and any warranty that may be currently available with regard to any appliance included within the AOS Contract.

That verbiage sounds good - Not much you can do when appliances installed. Advising the buyer to obtain a written disclosure from the sellers that the dryer vent system properly vents and washing machine drain hose & drainage system properly drains is what I use when appliances are installed. Operation of appliances is beyond scope of standard home inspection or if sellers present during the inspection request that they operate the appliances, observe and make sure the client is present…

This has come up many times before and I seem to remember it being 50/50. If no laundry is present, I carry a washer line and run both hot and cold to see if the valve leaks and run water in the drain to make sure it doesn’t back up. I do this especially in new homes. If I see the valves in bad shape, I have no problem disclaiiming it at that point.

I try to take a picture behind the washer/dryer, just so’s I have proof
of what the hoses look like at the time.



Same as Steven. I always take a picture. I never test the valves. Most all I see are corroded anyway, so no need to test. Repair/replace.

drive fast and take chances
carry an old hose, pressure gauge
have cheap plastic caps ready if needed

DSC00040 (Small).JPG

Same here I am being paid to inspect not disclaim everything. The laundry connections are just another example of an item in the SOP placed there by the desk jockeys because they did not want or know how to inspect them

Have not seen one of these dual shut-offs in a long time. They were starting to be used here about 20 years ago…then just died out. The extra $20 or so must have put the price of $300,000+ houses up a bit too much!!!:shock::shock::twisted::roll: