"Inspecting Tile Roofs" online video course

Im starting this 120 hour coarse for FL. it can be a bit confusing cant it. I do well with the quiz also but do have a problem with the exams. I wish they would also tell us what we miss and at least we can look up the answers and know them. This is what it about is it. To know all the answers and be the best at what we know. I do feel that im getting exam ? and that when i read and watch videos i dont see that answers in them.

Here we go!

Watch your step when your on the roof! Time to take the test

I am in the same boat. I have reread the book and watched the videos a few times. I feel confident in my answers and even check after the test my answers . I would like to know if I could see the answers I am getting wrong. This is so frustrating.

On with the third course

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Starting the course!


taking the inspecting tile roofs portion now

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Looking forward to this coarse

Hi all:
I have completed the tile roof inspection course and found the incredible pictures of the incorrect, mismatched, upside tiles absolutely amazing. I have seen some bad roof jobs but that one wins the Gold ribbon for worst tile roof job ever.!

Hello everyone,

Taking this course because Florida is loaded with Tile roofs.

Starting now.

Yeah, baby. Starting this course next! InterNACHI has done a great job keeping these courses professional, comprehensive and packed with knowledge.

Thank you TEAM InterNACHI!

I found this a tougher course than others. Having not installed a tile roof before it gave me great insight but although I did pass the test it was the lowest score I have gotten.

My advice is to the novice is to take detailed notes, concentrate and review, review.

Question: Are different mortars used in southern climates than northern?

Just starting the Inspecting Tile Roofs course. Here in my area of FL they account for approximately 1/3 of all roofs so I am really looking forward to this course. I am so much more familiar with asphalt shingles.