Inspection Arbitration Services


Do you use this service?
It’s an incredible option to resolve complaints.

I pay for it. Never “used” it, thank goodness.

IAS and Mountain Warranty are cooking something up for inspectors across the US.

Collaboration for the benefit if the HI industry is a beautiful thing.

Great… as I use Mountain, and am looking at getting on board with IAS in the next couple of weeks.

FREE inspection arbitration services included when using Mountain.

IAS arbitration is non-binding. Some insurance providers require a binding arbitration clause to be part of your agreement.

Interesting. Which insurance company?

( IAS info )

Allen. But I think all is well as binding arbitration is an option providing both parties agree and they accept the hold harmless agreement. Per an email I received this morning from Joe Farsetta:

Farsetta is amazing. I personally listened-in when Joe was on a few phone calls. He fights hard for his inspectors. Oftentimes all that it takes is a 3rd-party to explain things to a complainant.

Ben -

Getting close to being sold on IAS. So, in a clear fashion, because it’s not that way on the Mountain site :), could you lay out costs, benefits for signing up with Mountain/IAS?

Mountain and IAS -

Membership to Mountain - FREE
If you purchase 10 credits from Mountain, you can choose:

  • 5 additional credits for FREE or
  • 6-month subscription to IAS for FREE.

Buy 10, Get 5 FREE -
3 free additional credits -

Looking good. Anyone here in CA. using arbitration services? I am seeing many agreements in CA. with this as their standard clause (with some minor modifications):

Many of the sentences above are straight out of the California Code of Civil Procedure. Still needs lawyer approval but I’m curious if any of you have already gone through this step.

So, what happened to this?