Inspection association internet dominance comparison pie chart.

Very nice graphic, that’s a big piece of pie

Great job Nick


Now if only agents would stop asking “Are you a member of Creia?” as that seems to be the only thing they know right around me.

That’s crazy!

How about a pie chart of Ontario and/or Quebec and not in comparison to the world…

Ian it is up to us to educate them why Nachi is better. CREIA has had years of there inspectors talking down about other associations. Do a few presentations explain why we are better.
If you would like we are having a chapter meeting next month you are welcome to attend


That’s awesome! Congratulations Nick and team.

What a testament to the knowledge and value provided here at nachi.


It looks like a pie chart of the U.S. Military vs *Zimbabwe… !

you got one of those to show membership numbers?

Not a pie chart, but InterNACHI is a couple times larger in membership numbers than all other associations combined. This is updated in live time: All other inspection associations are losing members to InterNACHI.

I’d love to.

I’ve not yet because your meeting place is near a 2 hour drive from me without traffic. With weekday afternoon traffic, well, you get the idea.

But this month’s topic is interesting. We’ll see how my schedule goes.

Very impressive Nick, glad I made the right choice 10 years ago. :):wink: