Inspection associations and licensing laws all on the same ethics page now.

I applaud them too.

Now instead of telling people they could do a repair if everyone agreed - their members can do what the home inspectors from other groups I’ve known over the past 28 years have done and simply set up 3rd party companies owned by the son, wife, etc and handle the repairs that way.

That seems to make us sound more honorable to some inspectors.

Dan, find me a NACHI member who is doing that and I’ll have my cousins give them a very logical explanation for why they have to stop.

“You know you can’t do inspections without knee caps.”

I think you mean that other association, not NACHI.

LOL… chuckle:cool:

I’ve known inspectors in all groups doing that. But, a lot came from the other group that screams they don’t do that.

I hear ya.